Before you publish content online: The Checklist

A checklist for publishing online

Don’t feel daunted by publishing content with this handy checklist. This should help improve the content you write for the web, both for the user and for your website. You know who you are writing for and what you’ve written addresses them in a way they can relate to and understand. You know what your […]

How to Write Your Blog Post Part III – Driving Traffic to your Article

Word of Mouth Image - Paper Men

Your blog post is live. Whoop. Time for a break? Not quite, people won’t just flock to read it, regardless of how great you think it is. This is where the hard part comes in – whereas you can play the game and write for your audience and make sure its search-friendly, you have no […]

How to Write Your Blog Post Part II – Writing your article

A Picture Is Worth A thousand Words

  DO NOT UNLEASH EMOTIONAL BAGGAGE – it can be awkward reading. Do your readers really want to know about all your crap? Can you somehow turn it into something they can take advice from or learn from? Once you feel confident you’ve done the necessary groundwork before you write your blog post, then it’s […]

How to Write Your Blog Post Part I – Before you start

Sharing using Social Media

Things to think about before writing your blog post You may be eager to get that blog post you’ve been dying to write for ages up and live, but before you even begin tapping away, there are several essential questions you need to have established the answers for before you start. This is critical if […]